I work for Qualcomm AI Research, and I work in several interesting and interrelated areas. My primary goal is to make computer vision/machine learning workloads efficient either by designing hardware accelerators or making the models more efficient. I have initiated a 3D computer vision team focusing on efficiency within Qualcomm AI. I am also the founder of the hw-sw co-design team for efficient ML. I have worked extensively with Universities (UCSD Visual Computing Center and Qualcomm) for joint projects which (some of them I initiated) resulted in fruitful collaborations.

Previously, I was a Principal Software engineer at the 3D Engineering department of Cognex Corporation. Around 2015, I completed my PhD in Computer Science from the Computer Science and Engineering department of UCSD. I was a Masters’s student at ICU (Information and Communications University) which is now part of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

Other than my current job, I occasionally teach at the Computer Science and Engineering department of the University of California San Diego as a lecturer and an adjunct professor. A long time ago I was in South Korea where I worked for ETRI as a researcher for a couple of years.

My general interests are applications of hw acceleration of ML (3D, deep earning, ML), tinyML, ML-based ISP, and computer vision, deep learning compilers. I am also interested in computer architecture and high-performance computing.